Welcome to alexmason.ca, my personal site. Here is home to pages relating to my projects. A place for internet stuff.






  1. Q: Who are you?

    A: A game programmer from Vancouver, BC. I used to work at Kabam where I did user interface and game prototyping.

  2. Q: How can I contact you?

    A: Email me: homepage@alexmason.ca

  3. Q: Why does this site look like it's from 1999?

    A: My old site looked more modern. I hated working on it. I found it annoying to maintain and I was always tempted to keep updating the look of it. Ultimately I think I prefer utilitarian pages like these. The modern web is so offensive to use that straightforward static HTML pages are like a breath of fresh air.

  4. Q: Dark mode is not working on this site?

    A: If your browser is blocking any fingerprinting via extension or built-in blocking, disable that. Don't worry, I'm not fingerprinting you. There isn't even any Javascript on this site.