Escape from the Battlerealm

Escape from the Battlerealm logo

An entry in an internal game jam at Kabam back in July of 2019. We had a lot of fun rushing to produce a simple, fun mobile game in 48 hours.


We started with a simple idea: make it fun to swing on webs with a touch screen. We spent the first day just working with no graphics, just a circle swinging with lines.

Once we had a fun swinging mechanic, we started to construct a basic game around it. We took the concept of an infinite runner and flipped it to a vertical climber. A set of designer-built "chunks" would randomly be stacked one on top of the other as the player climbed higher and higher. One of the interesting quirks of this vertical design was that we needed to invert the standard width-based orthographic view size to a height-based size. This ensured that no matter the aspect ratio of the device, the vertical view size was always the same.

A video of our final build.

The Kabam game jam was a rewarding experience that I hope they continue in the future!

Photograph of the winning trophy with team members' names adorned.
The trophy. Our entry won!