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Project: PasswordHasher
Screenshot of the PasswordHasher interface.
The PasswordHasher Interface.

A lean application for managing passwords without storing them anywhere. PasswordHasher takes a human-memorable password and translates it into a cryptographic string of any length. You can then use this as your password for the sites you log into, giving you unique secure passwords based on a single memorable one.

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Project: Bits Video Editor

An experiment in UX design for an advanced HCI course, Bits takes the common tasks of video editing and splits them into several programs – one for cutting, one for cropping, one for sequencing, etc.

Modern video editing software is typically packaged as one very large program. For large projects such as films, this approach makes sense. However, in our new media world online, users typically use these large programs for a single task, such as cutting. Bits attempts to provide a scalable solution by splitting up simple common tasks amongst several programs.