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My name is Nicholas Mason. I am an undergraduate with a Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University in the Interactive Arts & Technology program. There I learned many things including Software, web and game programming, Interaction Design and HCI, Java, C# and other languages, Android app development as well as more in-depth studies of algorithms in computer science courses I took.

My university learnings in Android development were supplemented with work experience at Real Bean education, whom I worked for as an intern Android developer for a summer. Here I worked alongside differently-skilled developers to build web communications for the company's app, as well as the basic User Interface

I am an aspiring software developer with a variety of skills in Programming languages, software development, version control, and interface design. My aspirations are to build great software, learn continually, and work alongside great people.


Bachelor of Science

Major Interactive Arts and Technology

Simon Fraser University


My time at Simon Fraser University came to an end so recently, and I feel that it will stay with me for the rest of my life. I learned so much in classes I took in software, programming, computer science, interface and interaction design, game design, as well as supplementary courses in writing and science.

The projects I worked on reinforced my affinity for programming and software while also broadening my skills with projects in interface, visual and interaction design, which I find valuable and applicable in so many areas in addition to software and web development. Though University will remain one of the most valuable experiences I have had, I look forward to jumping into my career and taking the reins of life.

Work Experience

Intern Android Developer

Real Bean Education

June-August 2017

This was an internship I did over a summer in 2017 with Real Bean Education (a subcompany/project of Kyle Lawrence, a director/web developer at Real Bean Entertainment). My primary responsibilities were to write Java code in Android Studio to build our company's app. I built the web communication services with the company's servers and laid out the basic functionality and user interface of the app, as well as working on the documentation and JSON communication with the company's servers.

This experience taught me so much about app development and web communications, Java and Android development, and working with other kinds of developers (specifically IOS developers). I am glad to have done this during my University studies as it supplemented my learnings with experience, and a great sense of building something useful as a change from personal projects.